Veda is originally from Andhra Pradesh, India. He received his Bachelor's in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering(affiliated to JNTUK) in 2015. During his bachelors he specialized in power distribution and industrial automation. 

He began his Ph.D working with Prof. Alexander Gumennik as a teaching assistant and the first graduate student to join the FAMES Lab research group. He was heavily involved in part of the equipment purchasing, installation, and operation during the construction years of the laboratory from (2016 - 2019) as well as coordination between the construction technicians, the architects, and the equipment manufacturers. His research interests were in 3D printing of electronic circuits, fibers for breathability, passive thermal and humidity management and structurally colored fibers for consumer usability during his term as a FAMES Lab member. He also worked significantly on a tapering setup for horizontal fiber drawing and characterization.

He then transitioned to a different lab to focus his research in neurophysiological processes. During the Summer of 2023, Veda came back to the FAMES Lab as a part-time technical staff where he works on various on-going research projects such as shape estimation in thermal draws, along with his neurophysiological studies.