Multimaterial fibers at SNAIA 2021

Three members of the FAMES Lab, Alexander Gumennik, Camila Faccini de Lima, and Louis van der Elst, presented at the STEMM Smart Nanomaterials: Advances, Innovation and Applications (SNAIA) conference that took place in Paris this winter, on current and future fiber devices developed at the FAMES Lab. The conference was designed to transfer knowledge of emerging scientific fields and develop a community and partnerships between experts from both academia and industry. The conference was hosted by Chimie ParisTech, located in the Latin Quarter.

In addition, Dr. Gumennik chaired and organized the symposium “Smart, Functional Fibers and Textiles (FFT)” covering:

  • Design, manufacturing, and characterization of fiber devices
  • Integration of fiber devices into textiles and composites
  • Materials for enhanced FFT performance
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for FFT
  • Bio-interfacing FFT
  • Implications of FFT

Key leaders of the field were able to attend and present such as Yoel Fink, Ursula Gibson, Lei Wei, Micheal Fokine, John Canning, Fabien Sorin, Sylvain Danto, Xiaoting Jia, and Joshua Faufman. Needless to say that it was an impressive set of presentations from nearly all multimaterial fiber global experts.

In addition to series of conference and venue pictures below, more media of the event can be found on Instagram for day 3 and day 4 of the conference when the FFT session took place.