Invited lecture at IFSul

On September 24th, FAMES Lab’s graduate student Camila Faccini de Lima presented a lecture on Smart Fibers at Brazil’s Federal Institute for Education, Science and Technology (IFSul), as part of the School of Electric Engineering’s Academic Week event.

The lecture, targeted towards undergraduate and graduate students of IFSul’s Electric Engineering School, highlighted the state of the art in fiber-device technology, including a tutorial on fiber fabrication basics, covering both polymeric and high-temperature fibers, and the VLSI-Fi (Very Large-Scale Integration for Fibers) technique developed at the FAMES Lab. The lecture also encompassed an array of examples of functional fibers and demonstrated how such fibers could potentially revolutionize technologies from environmental sensing to quantum computation and tissue engineering. VLSI-Fi technology is patented under publication number US20210333131.

You can view Camila's presentation in portuguese below or on YouTube at the following link:

Camila Faccini de Lima's presentation (in portuguese).