Hamed Sohrabpoor is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the department of Intelligent Systems Enginering (ISE) and the Fibers and Additive Manufacturing Enabled Systems Laboratory (FAMES Lab) at Indiana University. Before coming to the FAMES Lab, he worked at I-Form 3D Printing Advanced Manufacturing Research laboratory in Ireland for two years. Prior to that, he got his Ph.D. in Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Dublin City University in 2020. His research interests are processing parameter optimization for additively manufactured metal and composite materials, post-treatment of 3D-printed parts to improve mechanical properties and corrosion behavior, and designing experiments on the manufacturing processes. In 2009, he was the recipient of a major award titled "International Education Scholarship," given by the government of Ireland which had over 7000 applicants. He has more than 600 citations to date in several publications in quality journals.
His project objective in the FAMES Lab is the correlation between 3D printing fabrication approaches including Stereolithography and Binder jetting technologies, with material processing including post-processing for manufacturing parts with customized quality and geometry for Quantum Interconnects.