Jeffery graduated from Indiana University in 2019 with bachelor’s degrees in English, Mathematics, and Physics.  During his time as an undergraduate, he studied topological structures known as fiber bundles and worked with a group in the IU Laboratory of Geometry to create a 3D print of the Hopf fibration.  He also worked with a theory group in the Department of Physics on the mathematics of spacetime symmetries within the framework of the Standard-Model Extension (SME).

Jeffery completed a Master's Degree in the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering, specializing in bioengineering. He conducted research in the Fibers and Additive Manufacturing Enabled Systems (FAMES) Laboratory on capillary breakup experiments and COMSOL simulations. He also interned at Cook Medical to study plasma. He then went on to continue his doctoral education at Purdue University.


  • Fibers for neural interfaces
  • Bioprinting for tissue engineering