First Publication in Nanoscale Research Letters

Members of the FAMES Lab recently co-authored a paper highlighting the lab’s ongoing work and innovative methods for fiber manufacturing. The paper, published in Nanoscale Research Letters, focuses on the materials, applications, and practicality of fiber printing as a means to exploring its role in furthering the realm of nanoelectronics.
Despite the seeming complications associated with the realization of operational fibers containing high-performance electronics, this paper challenges current approaches to fiber-sensor applications and instead proposes a hybrid-method, combining 3D printed preforms, thermal draws of fibers, and post-draw assembly of devices then integrated into the fibers.
This method, analogous to very large-scale integration (VLSI) and hence dubbed “VLSI for Fibers” or “VLSI-Fi”, is currently being implemented in the work conducted by the FAMES lab members, including those projects featured in the Cheng Wu Innovation Challenge.  
Nanoscale Research Letters publishes an array of interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed work on the latest research developments in the intersection of science and technology.