The FAMES Lab installs its high precision multifunction draw tower

The OptoGear drawing tower has been installed in the FAMES lab, allowing the team to begin to fully settle into their new lab space at the Multidisciplinary Engineering & Science Hall (MESH). The draw tower is the center piece of the FAMES Lab and its installation marks a new era for the laboratory’s research output. The tower will allow the lab to begin to produce multimaterial specialty fibers per their VLSI-Fi method for all fiber draw processes. Fibers printed from this draw tower will be implemented in a wide variety of nanoelectronics applications.

Over week’s worth of hard labor, the tower was meticulously assembled and preliminary calibration tests were run on it. It is now ready for commissioning. The drawing tower is immense in size, spanning over two floors and consisting of three mezzanines. This tower combines three types of fiber drawing in one to adapt to the widest range of materials, temperature conditions, and fabrication control. Some of its features including automated coating, cutting, and rolling for drawn fibers. The OptoGear draw tower is a top performer of fiber manufacturing in the field.